About KJPS

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Aim and Scope

The Korean Journal of Pesticide Science (Korean. J. Pestic. Sci., KJPS) publishes high-quality and cutting edge original research representing complete studies dealing with pesticide. The journal aims to advance and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge concerning pesticide.

The scope of the journal covers the following topics: development and management of pesticides, control of pests, fungi, viruses and weeds, residue and fate, toxicity and exposure assessment, biopesticide and other topics within the scope of pesticide science.

Copyright and Ethical Guidelines

The Korean Society of Pesticide Science retains the exclusive copyright to reproduce and distribute including reprints, translations, photographic reproductions, microform, electronic form (offline, online) or any other reproductions of similar nature for all KJPS publications.

The society or the authors allow others to reproduce and distribute the works it publishes, as long as the society or the authors are properly attributed and the content in not plagiarized, misrepresented, or used for commercial purposes. If the journal is distributed, in whole or in part, for non-commercial use, KJPS should be cited for reference. For details the authors may visit journal website,


The annual subscription fee for the print version of KJPS is 30,000 Korean Won or 30 U.S. dollars. The journal follows an open access policy. To subscribe to KJPS, please contact the editorial office for detailed information.

Journal Foundation and Publishing

The Korean Journal of Pesticide Science publishes quarterly a year in Korean or English by The Korean Society of Pesticide Science, since the journal had been published March 20 in 1997 and distributed to more than 600 members.

Support Funding Source

The publication of the Korean Journal of Pesticide Science have been financially supported by the Korean Foundation of Science and Technology Societies and National Research Foundation of Korea.