Editorial Board


  • Dong Woon Lee (Kyungpook National University)

Associate Editors

  • Deok Ho Kwon (Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries)
  • Jin Hyo Kim (Gyeongsang National University)
  • You Are Sun (Poultry Research Institute, National Institute of Animal Science)


  • Young-Kwan Ko (Korea Reserch Institute of Chemical Technology)
  • Gil-Hah Kim (Chungbuk National University)
  • Byung Sup Kim (Gangneung-Wonju National University)
  • Young Ho Kim (Kyungpook National University)
  • Jong Hwan Kim (Korea Institute of Toxicology)
  • Young-Jin Park (Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency)
  • Si Hyeok Lee (Seoul National University)
  • Yong-Hoon Lee (Chonbuk National University)
  • Hee-Young Jung (Kyungpook National University)
  • Hoon Choi (Wonkwang University)

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Ahn, Young-Joon (Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Shim, Jae-Han (Chonnam National University, Korea)
  • Lee, Young-Deuk (Daegu University, Korea)
  • Kim, Jeong-Han (Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Kim, Jang-Eok (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
  • Yoon, Hyo-In (Chungnam National University, Korea)
  • Hur, Jang-Hyun (Kangwon National University, Korea)
  • Qing X. Li (University of Hawaii, USA)
  • Gary B. Quistad (PTRL West, USA)
  • Shangzhong Liu (China Agricultural University, China)
  • Qiang Sheng (Nanjing Agricultural University, China)
  • Hanhong Xu (South China Agricultural University, China)
  • Hirozumi Watanabe (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
  • Heesoo Eun (National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan)